Our Team


Niharika Singh Ahlawat 

( Founder) 

Khushaali, as the name goes is a feeling. 

I’ve always believed love and kindness to be the biggest weapons for change. They have a strong influencing power which stems directly from one’s heart. We are a community which is defined by the simple motto of ‘putting hands to serve and hearts to love’. 

We at Khushaali, run different projects and work upon various social causes. We indulge ourselves into extensive community work and though we might lend them our hand from one occasion to another our heart and principles stand strong in the core for giving back, at all times. 

What is a growth that is witnessed alone? What is a pedestal that’s stood alone? The meaning of life is eliminated as soon as lives of others is eliminated from it. Growing up in a family of 4 surviving generations, landed me with a true sense of life. We step into the world relying on arms to comfort, we depart relying on the arms we comforted. It is a whole circle of warmth, then why ever turn a shoulder cold?

I started with something as simple as ‘do for one, what you wish to do for millions’ and this simple thought with a deep sense of purpose, with the help of volunteers from across the country, helped me expand the reach to aid and assist the armless, to be the face for the faceless and the voice for the voiceless.



Kashish Jaitley

Kashish Jaitley

(Founding Member)  

Khushaali,is an emotion, a sentiment of contentment and inner peace. 

 I have always believed inner peace and positive attitude is a key to "Khushaali" in one's life. However, life can throw challenges at us those  can hinder our thriving spirits. The struggles of every day life burdened with the current extenuating circumstances of a pandemic crisis can significantly disrupt the tranquility of our life setting


Whilst hailing from a small Indo- Pak border town, I have closely seen the struggles of underprivileged sections of our society.  I believe I am fortunate enough t o recognise my privilege and capable to lend support and help to the  less privileged.

I am determined to use my legal knowledge to work for the survivors of domestic violence. I am looking forward to use this platform  to spread awareness about mental health and support the one's in need.

"Khushaali" for me is just doing my bit in making the World a better and a happy place.