Self-defence Awareness Drive

Khushaali believes in empowering every human being and the importance of the art of “self-defence” as an important tool of self-empowerment. Self-defence education makes its learners more confident to venture into society and take risks and indulge in adventures that fear of being attacked might have prevented. Towards this end, Khushaali has been involved in increasing awareness about the importance of self-defence. This becomes even more important with the rampant increase in sexual harassment and attack cases. To allow children to have an efficacious tool for their protection, Khushaali organized a self-defence workshop.

Legal Rights On Discrimination Workshop

For the longest time in Indian history, caste-based discrimination and caste-based violence have been a big obstacle in maintaining harmony in Indian society. While multiple laws have been enacted, the on-the-ground realities still stay disappointing. Caste also plays a huge role in access to justice, with people from lower castes finding greater hindrances and systemic resistance to reaching justice. Therefore, to lend assistance and make the affected aware of its legal rights and options, the Khushaali team scrutinized a case-based violence offence and lent its expert advice and guidance of channelling the incident via appropriate and concerned authorities. 

Khushaali Against Acid Attack

Acid Attack is one of the gravest social evils to have plagued the Indian society. The team at Khushaali undertook a fact-finding mission into an incident of acid attack on a young woman. The team found that the victim was involved in a romantic relationship with a boy from a nearby locality. The team also found that annoyed and angry at the girl’s refusal to meet, the boy accompanied by two of his friends, planned and executed the acid attack against the innocent girl. The team also drafted a Public Interest Litigation and assisted the team of Human Rights Law Network counsels. The Allahabad High Court took cognizance of the same and ordered that the case be heard by a Fast Track Court for the quick dispensation of justice.​

Food Distribution Drive 

Team Khushaali has also been involved with many local-level community events. The team helped the local schools and NGOs to fund and execute food distribution drives. The team distributed not only food but also clothes to children from these schools and has been doing the same across various local railway stations.